Air Pollution – Combat with Hamilton Beach 04383A

If you’re worried about Air Pollution – Combat with Hamilton Beach 04383A as it works to make just about any room a lot more pleasant to be in. As more and more of us are becoming concerned about air pollution and the effect it has on our health, Hamilton Beach have come up with a solution. Thanks to its quiet settings, HEPA grade filter and other features, you can now breathe cleaner air every single day.

Breathing fresher air


We would all love the chance to breathe fresher air as it can be hugely beneficial to our health. Unfortunately there is a lot of air pollution these days and as well as it having an effect on global warming, it can compromise our health. Because we fill the air with toxins without even realizing, we don’t breath in good quality air any more. This is where the 04383A air purifier can come in and make a difference.

160 square feet

With the ability to reduce the number of allergens in a room of up to 160 feet, you can be sure that this air cleaner will work hard for you. It can also be used in much smaller rooms too, but it is ideally suited to larger ones.


More and more of us are now starting to suffer from allergies, which can potentially make life unpleasant. One way to eradicate the symptoms is to ensure you’re never in contact with the pollen or the mold spores that can set your symptoms off. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as they are in the air that we breathe. The only reasonable solution to this problem is to buy an air cleaner that can get rid of the problem for you.

3 Speeds

Depending on the level of air pollution and the effects of global warming that occur in your local area, you need to be able to get rid of the allergens effectively. This is where the Hamilton Beach cleaner can come in and help. It is equipped with 3 different speeds that change the cleaning levels. If there happen to be a lot of allergens in the room, set it to the fastest speed. You may want to use the medium speed if you need the unit to run all day. Alternatively, if you would like to benefit from cleaner air, but you want a little peace and quiet, you can enjoy using the slower but quieter speed.


One of the great things about this particular air cleaner is that not only does it work very well, but it’s also pretty stylish too. This means you can have it standing in your home or office and enjoy using something that doesn’t look out of place. The cleaner is available in 2 different colors (Black or white), you can feel confident that it will match any décor.

Unlike the Honeywell 50250, the unit is not big and bulky and it can be sat next on your desk if you wish. Forget that it’s there as it will blend in with the contents of your room, while enjoying all that it has to offer.

Remove airborne allergies

The main reason why people buy an air cleaner is because it removes those nasty airborne allergies. Not only will it ensure that you breathe a little easier, but it can also reduce global warming effects too. The process of removing airborne allergies is easy if you have the right equipment, and once it’s up and running you may no longer sneeze or suffer from any other allergic reaction.

You will find that you start to breathe a little easier, and this could have a huge impact on your health. You may find that you have more energy, fewer allergy related symptoms and your family or colleagues may also start to benefit too.

Simple controls

This air cleaner comes with some very simple controls that can be used with ease. Simply turn the unit on and use the dial that can be found at the top of the unit to select the power setting. Place the air cleaner close to where you are working/sitting and start to breathe in cleaner air within moments.

Use every day

The Hamilton Beach air cleaner should be used every day so that you’re able to benefit from the way that it works. Used daily, you will no longer have to put up with the effects of pollutionand allergens. What’s more is you will also begin to understand how well this product works to make your air cleaner.


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