Honeywell Air Purifier 50250-S

If you’re looking to breathe in cleaner air the Honeywell Air Purifier 50250-S may be exactly what you need. With the ability to remove a lot of pollutants, the air quality will be greatly improved.



This is the percentage of pollutants that the Honeywell air purifier can remove. This potentially means that you will no longer have to breathe in as much pollen, pet dander, smoke and other pollutants. Amazingly, the filter works to filter out air pollution that’s as small as 0.3 microns. A micron is the size of a smoke particle, and that’s pretty small. This means you can be sure that your new filter will work to eliminate a lot of pollutants, even those that are too small to see. The result is that you and anyone else in the same room will start to breathe cleaner air when the filter is switched on.

Suitable for large rooms

You may be pleased to know that the Honeywell air purifier is suitable for use in large rooms. This means it will work effectively in rooms that are up to 390 square feet. What’s more is the filter will also circulate the clean air in a large room up to 5 times and hour. This means you can enjoy breathing in filtered air no matter how long you stay in the room.

Ideal for homes and offices

A lot of householders are now realizing how beneficial an air purifier is. This has resulted in an upsurge in purchases for the home. If you wish to use the Honeywell air purifier in an office, you should make sure the room is no bigger than 390 square feet so that it can work to its full effect. Those who work in the office may notice a change in the dust levels as well as the quality of the air that they breathe. This means the air purifier could potentially make for a better and more pleasant working environment.

Why do we need air purifiers?

Each day homes and businesses expel a lot of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the air. Because the pollutants hang around, it can cause the air to become full of toxins and allergens. One of the best ways to deal with this is to stop those toxins and allergens entering the air we breathe. Unfortunately this is impossible to do, but we can make a difference to the quality of some of the air that we breathe.

If you have allergies

If you suffer from a lot of allergies, especially during the summer months, you may find that an air purifier can make a big difference, and this one has won several awards. The purifier will work hard to eliminate a lot of the allergens that are present in the air we breathe. This means you should start to see a reduction in your symptoms, and you could even feel a bit better. Please note that although this purifier is great when used during the summer months, it’s also ideal for use through-out the year.

Round purifier

This purifier is round as opposed to many other purifiers that are square or oblong. The shape of this unit allows it to draw in and expel more air, which is ideal when placed in a large room. It means those pesky pollens and nasty pollutants have less chance of escaping, ensuring you and everyone else breathes in fresher and cleaner air.

Viruses and bacteria

One of the great things about this particular purifier is that it works to eliminate viruses and bacteria. This is thanks to the HEPA glass fiber material that filters out small particles. Anything that measures 0.3 microns or bigger will be filtered out (A smoke particle is about 0.3 microns), which means that you can be sure your air will be so much nicer.

3 speeds

Now it is possible for you to enjoy using a purifier that comes with three different speeds. Some air purifiers just have the one, but the Honeywell model has more. The selection of speeds means you can enjoy having cleaner air no matter how big the room is or how many pollutants there are. The slower speed is ideal if you want the unit to run quietly, and the faster speed is perfect for bigger rooms that need a bit of hand with the air quality. The middle speed is good if you want to keep the unit running for a long time, but it doesn’t need to be on full blast.


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