From San Diego to Maine: How to Survive a Move Up North

If you’re like me in never having had to face the four seasons, especially cold, biting winters up north, making the move there can be a daunting choice. However, given to the realities of today’s fast-paced life, sometimes there isn’t any choice whenever we move elsewhere – sometimes it is due to a work assignment here, a birth there, cheaper living expenses, better environments to raise children, and so on and so forth; regardless of whatever reason you are making your move towards cooler climates, here are steps you can take to prepare yourself.

Prepare for the Four Seasons


Familiarize yourself with the climate: know your snow emergency levels like you do your hurricane or wildfire warnings. Say goodbye to your wet and dry seasons; the climate up north is really way more temperate than you will be used to. Having to buy winter clothes can either be an expensive ordeal or another way for you to show off your style; either way, be prepared to spend on this necessity. Never forget to have a heavy winter jacket with you in your car in case it is too dangerous for you to continue on your drive, as these incidents do happen.

Riding the Blizzard

Driving in pouring snow is definitely something you will need to get used to. Stock up on ice melt when you drive out in inclement weather, as it may spell the difference of whether you’ll be taking your car home with you. Also make sure that your car comes equipped with wiper fluid formulated for winters, or else your windshield will freeze and make it impossible for you to go on.

Throwin’ Snow

The sight of a warm home blanketed in pristine, white snow can be a tranquil sight to many a southerner; however, it can be a daily or weekly ordeal for the homeowner, as the reality of having to shovel snow every so often rears its head. Your winter wonderland can’t come without a price, can it? This is when you will need to do one of three things: shovel snow yourself, pay for a snow cleaning service to come by your place every week or so, or invest in a snow blower. Depending on your appetite for spending and your income, either one of the three will do in a pinch; however, if you will be staying up north for some considerable time, the best option is undoubtedly investing in a snow blower.

Moving up north can be an exciting prospect for most; though it can also feel as though you have moved to a different planet at the outset, once you’ve acclimated yourself to the cultural and geographical quirks of moving, you will find that you can indeed face the four seasons with confidence and with the pride of being able to thrive.