Six Simple Ways to Conserve Water

As early as kindergarten, we are already taught about the value of conserving water so it has become second to nature for many of us not to waste water. However, there are things that we do on a daily basis that requires us to use a lot of water. While it may not be our intention to waste water, there are ways for us to conserve water further. You may or may not be doing the things listed down below already but if you don’t, starting now is never too late.

1. Place a brick on the back of your toilet


Each time you flush your toilet, gallons of clean water is being used. That much water is not needed to keep the toilet bowl clean. You can place a brick inside the toilet tank so that it would take the space that’s supposedly filled by water. This way, less water is required to fill the tank. If you don’t have a brick at home, you can simply use a sealed plastic bottle filled up with water.

2. Lessen the water pressure

You can ask your plumber to help you out so that the pressure of water is less. When there’s too much pressure, you tend to waste more water. However, some people won’t appreciate this because less pressure means it takes a bit longer for you to get the required amount of water you need.

3. Make sure the pipes don’t have leaks and you’ve turned off faucets completely after use

Especially if you are very busy in the kitchen, you tend to forget to turn of the kitchen faucet completely. Even little drops of water can be a form of wasting so make sure that each time you turn a faucet knob, you turn it back off completely after use. You also have to make sure there are no leaks not only in your kitchen but also on every other faucet and bathroom in your home. Have your plumber check on pipes as well and get it repaired right away if there’s any problem.

4. Find other ways to relax rather than bathing

A lot of people bath or shower for the longest time. While you need to take a bath every single day, you don’t need more than a few minutes in the shower. More time spent under running water means wasting water as well. There are solutions to minimize the water use, but if you find showering relaxing – it’s better to relax in front of the TV or by playing a board game.

5. Don’t use a hose to wash your car

Using a hose or pressure washer when washing a car makes you use more water than you need. You can use a pail instead, fill it up with water and soap and wash your car using it. You can still use that hose but only for the final wash.

6. Schedule your laundry

If you only have 2 or 3 shirts to place in your washing machine, just wash those if you really need to wear them. Schedule your laundry at a time when you can use your washer and dryer with a full load. This saves a lot of water.