Water Pollution Facts Bothering you? Get a Culligan FM-15RA Faucet Filter

Are Pollution Facts Bothering you? Get a Culligan FM-15RA Faucet Filter so you can have cleaner and odor-free water. Enjoy better tasting water every time you turn on the faucet and enjoy the health benefits that also come with drinking cleaner, filtered water. Stop worrying about the nasty statistics that you hear in relation to drinking water, give yourself the chance to be worry free, thanks to this easy to use faucet filter.

A compact filter


A lot of water filters can be quite big and they can also take up a lot of space. This is where the Culligan Faucet Filter differs as its compact and can easily fit onto most faucets with ease. Stop drinking polluted water, and make sure that you eradicate the chemicals that have also been added to the water. Using no tools whatsoever, you can mount this product onto your faucet so you can instantly enjoy filtered water, without having to pay too much for it.

Up to 200 gallons

Now you can enjoy up to 200 gallons of filtered water per faucet filter. This means that it should last you at least one month, and making drinking tap water a pleasurable experience. In countries like the UK, drinking water from the faucet is perfectly fine as it’s treated before it reaches the faucet. Water in the USA is often bad to drink depending on where you live, which means we have to buy in bottled water if we want to enjoy cool fresh tasting water every single day. The Culligan filter can make sure you are able to enjoy water from your faucet whenever you please. Not only does this mean you could save money, but it also means you won’t have to store those plastic drinking bottles either. Even if your water tastes good, you may still want to ensure you give yourself and your family the chance to enjoy up to 200 gallons of clean and chemical-free water.

Improves taste

Water straight from the faucet does not always taste too good, which is why this product is highly recommended. In fact it was listed as best faucet water filter of 2015 – at SoftWaterFiltration where they reviewed it as well. It works to improve the taste of the water, and it does it well. Enjoy a glass or two of good tasting water that doesn’t have a hint of chlorine, other bad tastes or odors.

You may have to get used to the taste of cleaner, filtered water, but it shouldn’t take long. The water will seem fresher and lighter, while ensuring you’re protected from some of the chlorine and other chemicals that are often present in the water we drink each day.

Removes lead

If you have read or heard the latest water pollution facts and how it affects the environment, you may be concerned about the level of lead in your water. The good news is that you can be sure this new product will remove 98.9% of the lead that is often found in water. This means that you should feel free to drink your filtered water without worrying about its contents. We all know that lead is bad for us, so the best thing we can do is remove it, ensuring we don’t drink it any more.

Fits most faucets

This great new product fits most aerator faucets, which means you should not let water pollution facts worry you. Although the manufacturers cannot guarantee it will fit all faucets, it will slip quite nicely on to most, and it will even work on left or right handed faucets.

Measuring 3.5 x 5.8 x 6.8 inches, this faucet filter is easy to attach as there are no tools required, and it will work within moments. If you’re unsure that this filter will fit your faucet, measure it so you can determine if your aerator faucet is the right size.

Cleaner water, every day

We are all aware that ocean pollution isn’t getting any better, and we all know that water pollution facts can be alarming, but we can make a real difference in our home. It is now possible to enjoy cleaner water every single day. This is ideal if you’re concerned about the impact of ocean pollution and the effects it has on our health. It’s also ideal if you want to make sure your family has fresh filtered water at their disposal every single day.


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